Voices of Rosedale is a project in partnership between two Rosedale residents, Leigh Davis and Necothia “NikkiB” Bowens-Robinson. 

Their website describes the project:  ” [It] Begun when two neighbors, a 4th generation resident  documentary filmmaker Necothia Bowens-Robinson and a newcomer, artist Leigh Davis, connected during the COVID-19 pandemic, this project is committed to preserving and sharing Rosedale’s past and present. It is a tribute for a neighborhood in transition.”

The Goethe Institute describes the project as “a collaborative oral history project that works to recognize, celebrate, and reflect the people of Rosedale, a small and vibrant neighborhood in northeastern D.C. We often think of archives as hidden sites where history and memory are buried, rarely to be seen or felt again. This project brings private experiences into the public sphere, and makes visible the living history of a neighborhood in transition and the people who have lived there for decades.”

On April 22, The Humanities Truck partners with Voices of Rosedale at the Rosedale Recreation to collect stories from long-time residents and newcomers alike. Residents were also invited to have their portrait taken to add to a collage that reflects the spirit and community of Rosedale.

This webpage highlights interviews and photos from the event. 


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