On September 29, 2023, the Humanities Truck attended Art All Night 2023 in Mount Pleasant. The Truck team’s project for this event was entitled “Portraying Mount Pleasant.” Director Dan Kerr, graduate fellows Daiki Tsumagari and Inaya Rivera, and community fellow Angie Whitehurst invited attendees to share their stories and memories of Mount Pleasant by writing or drawing on prompt cards, which were then tied to a map of the neighborhood on the side of the truck. The team was able to invite many people to share their oral histories of Mount Pleasant and what it means to them this day, including some multigenerational residents!

Mount Pleasant is...

Interviews at Art All Night Mount Pleasant!

Humanities Truck director Dan Kerr and graduate fellow Inaya Rivera took this opportunity to interview ten residents and communitiy members of Mount Pleasant, some of whom are multi-generational residents! From recollections of favorite restaurants to experiences of gentrification, these interviews provided thoughtful commentary on the changing landscape of Mount Pleasant for longtime locals and new arrivals alike.

Mapping activity cards!

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