Shove Off Day at City Point

The Precursor to Juneteenth

The Humanities Truck team interviewed event participants including reenactors, members of the National Park Service, event organizers, and historians. We started the interviews with the question “What does Juneteenth mean to you?” and followed up with questions based on individual responses.

You can view the interviews by exploring the playlist below!

We asked also asked event goers to participate in the building of a collage wall. Those who chose to participate had their portrait taken and were given a card with the prompt “What Juneteenth Means to Me…”

While particpants waited on their portraits to be printed, they were invited to answer the prompt however they saw fit and then to attach their photo to the prompt card that would then be placed on the side of the truck. 

Below, you can explore some of the submissions to the collage!

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