Reflections on the 2023 Homeless Memorial in DC

A decade is ten years and every year for the last ten years there has been a Homeless Vigil on the coldest night of the year… the first day of winter to be exact. 77 HUMAN BEINGS PASSED AWAY IN 2020. They probably could have lived a longer life, if afforded, housing, comprehensive services including medical care and a large dose of human kindness and empathy.

Who remembers the homeless, nameless, sometimes called the adult orphans of society? In Washington DC,  it is a coalition or organizations,volunteers and businesses that come together and commune at Luther place and march from there to Freedom Plaza in remembrance of the homeless persons who are no longer with us. This year the Humanities Truck invited No Greater Ministries and their volunteers , who came with donuts, cookies, coffee,tea and hot chocolate to warm the attendees and those planning to spend the night on the Plaza.

Why Remember the homeless ? The answer is simple; we need to end homelessness houseless situations that force people to live on the streets. This is a genocide we can remedy. Housing is a human right and the Vigil and remembrance of the 77 that passed is a voice from the silent that is both seen and heard; and is a call to action.

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