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Introducing the
Humanities Truck

The Humanities Truck is a fully customized delivery truck that serves as an experimental mobile platform for collecting, exhibiting, preserving, and expanding dialogue around the humanities.

Background Video of Humanities Truck at Adams Morgan
How Do We Mobilize the Humanities?
Using the truck, we seek to mobilize the humanities and democratize the sharing and production of knowledge by bringing together scholars at American University with community residents across Washington, D.C. Together we can collect, create, interpret, and curate stories that can return to the communities they originated from and circulate throughout the metropolitan region.
Adams Morgan Day inside the Humanities Truck
Adams Morgan Day inside the Humanities Truck




Together we can stories.


The Humanities Truck is available for more than just long-term projects and interested fellows!
We also encourage faculty, students, and community partners to think of creative ways to use the truck for one-time events with a humanities focus which speak to our efforts to collect, reflect, exhibit, and preserve. Find out more about how smaller projects and one-time events have utilized the truck, and contact us with your ideas!
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Humanities Truck photo by Ted Chaffman

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