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Spreading from individual to individual, Covid-19 has moved across the planet with remarkable speed and devastating consequence. With its tragic trail, the virus illustrates how closely humanity is interconnected. People across the world have embraced physical distance as a strategy to slow the spread of Covid-19 and reduce its harm. While physically apart, we realize how much we need to be together. Close personal connection is what enables us to survive and what allows us to thrive. 

As a participant in the From Me to You Project, we ask that you draw upon your own experience and offer your unique perspectives on the impact of Covid-19. Once you have completed your video, and you have submitted it, reach out to others in your personal network and invite them to participate. The stories will be added to a collection that threads the videos together and allows us to see how our own stories and experiences relate to others.


Submissions are now closed.

Thank you to all who submitted their stories during these unprecedented times.

Featured Story:

Each week, we will feature one video from our collaborators. Explore the network that this video is a part of, and think about how this story could reflect a piece of your own personal network.

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