The Humanities Truck is available for more than just long-term projects and interested fellows! We also encourage faculty, students, and community partners to think of creative ways to use the truck for one-time events with a humanities focus which speak to our efforts to collect, reflect, exhibit, and preserve. Find out more about how smaller projects and one-time events have utilized the truck, and contact us with your ideas!

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Jeffrey Yoo Warren, “Seeing Lost Enclaves: Archival Reconstructions of Neighborhoods of Color,” Campus Talk, Nov. 9th, 3:00 pm. MGC 200


Jeffrey Yoo Warren is an artist, community scientist, illustrator, and researcher based in Providence, Rhode Island. In 2023, he became the Library of Congress Innovator in Residence for his ongoing work on Seeing Providence Chinatown and the broader project, Seeing Lost Enclaves: Relational reconstructions of erased historic neighborhoods of color. In these projects he uses photographs, maps, film, and audio recordings from archival collections to build immersive digital models of historic Chinatowns. He has been invited by American University’s Bender Library to give a presentation on his work – Join us in MGC 200 for a talk and Q&A from 3PM-4PM followed by refreshments.



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