The global pandemic catapulted the world into an unprecedented landscape for all of 2020 and onward. The impact, fallout, and violence exacerbated and rendered visible by all of the events in 2020 still continues today. Varying government, economic, and public health responses exacerbated health and wealth inequalities in the United States while racial tensions of all kinds were heightened and accelerated. In response to these trying times, the Humanities Truck team made adjustments to our programming and collaborations while maintaining our mission — to collect, exhibit, preserve, and expand dialogue around the humanities. Truck fellows, like Ludy Grandas and Naoko Wowsugi, adjusted their work to focus on food insecurities and deliveries during Covid-19. We’ve also made a compiled resource guide for the pandemic and a few statements condemning racism, stating our position, and highlighting the resilience, strength, and vibrant cultures from many of the community partnerships, web exhibits, and events we’ve been so lucky to be a part of. Here, you’ll find our solidarity statements and reflections (from that time and as relevant):

Mutual Aid Resources 

Spring – Fall 2020

Compiled list of resources addressing local needs during COVID-19 in 2020.

We Stand in Solidarity — Black Lives Matter 

June 2, 2020

Solidarity Statement — police brutality; Black Lives Matter (BLM)

“Consolidating Friendships through Food in Pandemic Times”  

January 19, 2021

Post: Faculty fellow Ludy Grandas reflects on food delivery, Food for All DC, the day laborer community, and TUWDC during the pandemic.

Solidarity with Black and AAPI People

 April 23, 2021

Solidarity statement & list of oral histories, web exhibits, and reflections highlighting projects with community partners who diligently preserve and contribute to the resilience, strength, and joy of their communities; Stop Asian Hate; Black Lives Matter (BLM)


Posted: 5/31/2021

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