Black Pride, Freedom Day: A Day For Celebration and Remembrance of Black Liberation and Black Excellence

 To commemorate Juneteenth, The Humanities Truck came out to U street in D.C for the first annual Juneteenth Parade on Monday June 20th, 2022.

The truck was parked right next to the African American Civil War Museum on U street in Northwest D.C.  We created a community collage in order to celebrate Freedom Day and Black Culture. With the theme Black Pride, we remember both black struggles and triumphs, as well as hope for the future.

How The Exhibit Was Created

Similar to our Pride 2022 event, we wanted to give the D.C community a place to reflect and celebrate both Juneteenth and Black Pride.

First, our truck director, Dan Kerr, took portraits of willing event goers that was then printed by a graduate fellow to put on the community collage. After taking their portraits, visitors chose a  caption they resonated with, such as ” I AM”, ” Emancipation Means …” “Pride Is…”. Participants were then able to put their photos on a poster of their choice, and write a caption of their choosing. Portraits and  pictures of the event are posted here for all to see!

The Exhibit

Below you will find the exhibit: Three captioned posters with the  participant’s photo and caption.

Hover over each picture and to see its caption as it appeared on the truck! For full caption click on the picture of your choosing!

I AM ...


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