Celebrate Petworth

The Humanities Truck participated in the 2019 “Celebrate Petworth” Festival, which was organized “by and for the residents of Petworth” and brings together the community to celebrate the neighborhood’s history with food, drink, and live entertainment. The Truck, posted up at the corner of 8th and Upshur, was in a prime location to interact with and collect brief interviews from long-standing Petworth residents (and direct a few passersby to the ticket booth). We ended up conducting ten interviews and speaking with numerous individuals about the work the Truck is doing throughout the DMV.

Truck fellows Dan and Carmen had the opportunity to listen to the stories of ten Petworth residents, past and present.  Community members shared their memories in short oral histories, and also reflected on how the neighborhood is currently changing .

Hear what the narrators had to say and read more of Carmen’s reflections on the event on our blog.

Andrew Hesbacher and Arvella Farmer

Angelyn Whitehurst

Catherine Hargrove

Denise Berry, Tonya Cauley, and Sabrina Spurlock

Donna Rattley Washington

Jasmine Byrd

Joan Thomas

Mara Johnson

Paula White

Reginald Thomas, Roosevelt Daniels, and Michael Vanison

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