Jornaleros: Manos Invisibles

Invisible Hands: Jornaleros / Manos Invisibles: Day Laborers, is a group exhibition of ten day laborers who photographed their own everyday lives as jornaleros using their cell phone cameras. Through their eyes, the day laborers’ goal was to open an invisible yet all too present world to us; to take us through their day, to share their reality, one that for some is hopefully temporary but for others is a whole way of life.

This exhibition was inaugurated at the Katzen Museum in September 2016 and organized as a collaboration between Humanities Truck fellow Ludy Grandas and community partner Trabajadores Unidos de Washington, DC (TUWDC). Since 2013, TUWDC has striven to empower day laborers/jornaleros to know their rights, defend themselves, and advocate for policy change.

This exhibit was curated by jornaleros and AU faculty and students in collaboration with Trabajadores Unidos of Washington, DC. It was sponsored by the Department of World Languages and Cultures, the Studio Art Program, the College of Arts and Sciences, the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and the Humanities Truck.

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