Representing Columbia Heights - Columbia Heights Day 2023

On June 24, 2023, the Humanities Truck was parked beside of the playing field at Tubman Elementary School to help celebrate the 15th annual Columbia Heights Day! On the side of the truck we had a printed map of Columbia Heights and asked attendees and neighborhood residents to pin a location that was important to them, and inside the truck we conducted interviews with some residents that were attending the event. Check out the community map and interviews below!

Folks who attended the event were asked to pick a card prompting a personal memory or representation of Columbia Heights, and they did not disappoint! Some of these responses were direct answers to the questions, others we drawings that were direct or more metaphorical responses, and there were plenty of places of note! People shared restaurants in the neighborhood, community gardens past and present, family homes (born and chosen), and public parks and events. Take a look at all of the responses were received, and a map below of all of the cards that were tied to specific spots in the neighborhood!

Inside the truck, some folks escaped the heat for a few minutes to share a quick interview with us! They all had different connections to the neighborhood, from having lived there for decades, to owning a popular business (the Wonderland Ballroom, which made several appearances on our map), to visiting with their wife and family for years and years. Regardless of their connection to Comubia Heights, they’ve all noticed changes to the neighborhood over the  years, from the development that came with the Metro station and the displacement of some people as housing prices increase, to funny stories from previous Columbia Heights Day celebrations and the continuous multicultural nature of the neighborhood and the people in it. Check out the interviews we collected below!

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