COVID-19: CCNV April 6th Update

The Humanities Truck works with diverse populations to collect, create, interpret, and curate stories that can return to the communities they originated from and circulate throughout the DMV. As we confront a global pandemic, we aim to record social responses to COVID-19 by asking how individuals and communities across the metropolitan region are responding to the crisis by building and sustaining community networks. This platform serves as a space to share, document, and reflect upon our stories.

In partnership with the Humanities Truck Project, Eric Sheptock will offer regular reports and reflections on the impact that Covid-19 is having on those experiencing homelessness in Washington, DC.

I’m wondering if the CCNV Administration was told by city officials BEFORE COVID-19 to stop accepting new intakes. For at least a couple of months now, I’ve noticed that there don’t seem to be that many folk here. In my cube, only 4 of 12 beds are used regularly. A 5th dude comes occasionally. For some reason, he’s allowed to leave for weeks at a time and have his bed reserved. Others may only leave 2 nights per week and must be in by 2 AM the other 5 nights. At any rate, it seems like all of CCNV is about 1/3 full. City officials expect that, when the numbers from the January homeless point-in-time count come out in May, we’ll see that there was an increase in the number of homeless people over last year. That, along with the continuing COVID-19 layoffs, means that the need for shelter is increasing. With CCNV’s aforementioned rules, it is considered one of the best DC shelters. So, the only reason I can see for them not having new intakes is that city officials gave the order; because, they are under handedly beginning the shutdown process. BTW, after the 300-bed Franklin Shelter got closed in 2008, the number of DC homeless increased by more than 300, proving that it was still needed.

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