COVID-19: CCNV May 10th Update

The Humanities Truck works with diverse populations to collect, create, interpret, and curate stories that can return to the communities they originated from and circulate throughout the DMV. As we confront a global pandemic, we aim to record social responses to COVID-19 by asking how individuals and communities across the metropolitan region are responding to the crisis by building and sustaining community networks. This platform serves as a space to share, document, and reflect upon our stories.

In partnership with the Humanities Truck Project, Eric Sheptock will offer regular reports and reflections on the impact that Covid-19 is having on those experiencing homelessness in Washington, DC.

I was previously led to believe I’d be leaving quarantine today. I just learned that I can’t leave for another 4 days. On 4/30 the nurse at the Unity Health Clinic told me that, since it had been at least 4 days since I’d come in contact with an infected acquaintance of mine, I’d likely be quarantined for 10 days — not the usual 2 weeks. I asked medical staff at the quarantine hotel about my release date yesterday and today. (I actually asked a couple times within my first 3 days here and explained then that I’d not seen the acquaintance since 4/25 or 26.) I was just told that they’re counting from my date of entry into quarantine on 4/30.

The nurse said that they can’t prove when I last saw that contact; and, that’s why they’re counting from 4/30. I said, “But there’d be proof of when he entered the hospital.” [SMDH] This affects my employment. I was hoping to work tomorrow. They refuse to give me a ($100) test if I honestly say that I feel fine. I wish I were a liar like 45. This hotel room is normally $216 per day — $3,024 for 2 weeks; but, I can’t get a $100 test while here. I’ll have to get a free test at 1 of DC’s several test sites when I leave — sites the company I work for has a contract with. Hmmm.

If I want to leave early, I must sign a waiver and I won’t be given a clean bill of health by the doctor — without which I can’t return to where I currently reside. I COULD get a free test at 1 of the sites around town that are being administrated by the same government which is providing the hotel quarantine (where they won’t give me a free test). If I were to get tested THERE, then I’d have to sleep outdoors for several days until I get the test results. It’s easier to do 4 more days at the hotel and get that clean bill of health. When I go to the test site, I’ll tell them about my quarantine experience and see what they say. Or should I lie to the quarantine nurses and say that I am feeling symptoms so that they’ll test me here??? Thoughts???
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