Lunar New Year 2024

On February 11, 2024, the Humanities Truck team worked with the 1882 Foundation at Wah Luck House to document the people and festivities of the Lunar New Year celebration. Project director Daniel Kerr took over 80 portraits of Wah Luck House residents, their families, and Lunar New Year celebrants. Using a portable printer, each photograph was printed as they were taken, and so we were able to provide those who got their portrait taken with physical copies of the photographs that they could take home with them. The Humanities Truck team also collected copies of these photographs so that a community collage could be created. Check out the many amazing portraits we took below!

Portraits with Wah Luck House

Interviews with Wah Luck House Residents

In addition to taking portraits, the Humanities Truck worked with Xiaoquan Raphael Zhang, a professor at American University, and his students to conduct interviews with members of the Wah Luck House. Professor Zhang and his students, Doris Zhang, Emily Liang, Jiayi Su, as well as Zhaoqian Cao, a friend of Jiayi Su, were able to conduct interviews in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

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