In honor of the Battle of the Ft. Stevens , The Humanities Truck joined Marvin Jones and the Alliance to Preserve the Civil War Defenses of Washington to curate an event to celebrate the battle of Ft. Stevens and its heroes. 

The Truck, parked by the Ft Steven National Park, where it displayed an exhibit about the battle as well as record civil war reenactments performances.  


On July 11, 1864, Confederate Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early moved south toward the Union capital of Washington, D.C. That night Union soldiers in the  Army of the Potomac came to defend the city’s defenses. On July 12, the Confederates soldiers retreated after the Federals counterattacked near Fort Stevens. After Maj. Early realized that the Union were defending Fort Stevens, they withdrew that night.  The battle of Ft. Stevens is considered to be the last Confederate invasion in the Northern state during the Civil War. 

See Reenactment Performances Here!!

Audrey Scanlan-Teller and Tracey McIntire as Women Soliders

Audrey Scanlan-Teller and Tracey McIntire portray and tell stories of women soldiers who disguised themselves as men in order to serve in the Union army. 

Joyce Bailey as Elizabeth Keckley

Joyce Bailey portrays Elizabeth Keckley  a former enslaved person who bought her freedom and made her living as a successful seamstress, who became a confidante to First Lady Todd Lincoln.   

Denise Stevens as Elizabeth Thomas

Denise Stevens portrays Elizabeth Thomas, a free black women who owned the Thomas’ Seventh Turnpike property, which was demolished in order to build Fort Stevens during the war. 

Melanie Laforce as Mary Morris Husband

Melanie Laforce plays Mary Morris Husband who was known as a well-respected nurse during the Civil War. She was responsible for taking care of the physical and psychological needs of soldiers during the war. Husband was also known as the nurse with “miracle pockets”, where she would carry games and other materials to occupy wounded soldiers time while they recovered.  

Lynne Garvey Hodge as Angelina Grimke

Lynne Garvey Hodge plays Angelina Grimke, a  women’s rights activist and Southern women abolitionist. 

Marc Leepson - Author and Historian

Marc Leepson is an American journalist, historian, and author. He talks about the civil war as well as his book Desperate Engagement: How a Little-Known Civil War Battle Saved Washington.

Vee Hansen Presents the History of the United States Sanitary Commission

Vee Hansen presents the history of the United States Sanitary Commission. Hansen talks about the role the commission played in helping provide medical supplies and services to troops during the war . 

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