Who's Adams Morgan?
Black, White, and in Color

The Humanities Truck at Adams Morgan Day 2022

On September 11, 2022, the Humanities Truck participated in the 44th Adams Morgan Day Festival, a celebration of and for the neighborhood’s residents, businesses, and artists. The truck was parked in front of the Line Hotel on Euclid Street, and displayed photos and watercolors of the neighborhood by Nancy Shia and Mary Belcher. Their art has captured snapshots of Adams Morgan over several decades, and presenting these places and moments together sparked conversations with residents of their own memories of the neighborhood and changes that they’ve witnessed over the years.

The photos and watercolors that were displayed on the side of the Humanities Truck can be viewed below, and some of the stories and memories of folks who stopped by were recorded as oral histories that you can also check out below!

Check out the Images in our Exhibit!

Below are the Nancy Shia photographs and Mary Belcher watercolors that were displayed on the side of the Humanities Truck. These pieces range from showing every day people hanging out in their neighborhood and farmers markets to businesses and parks that were and still are landmarks of the neighborhood. See if any of these places look familiar to you!

Oral Histories from Adams Morgan Day 2022

Below are the oral histories recorded at Adams Morgan Day 2022. Our narrators included former and current residents of Adams Morgan, from folks who had lived there for anywhere from a few months to over a decade. All of them talked about what Adams Morgan means to them, the spaces that they feel are most important to the neighborhood, changes that they’ve witnessed, and what they hope to see in their neighborhood in the future.

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