Your Celebrations In Petworth: A Community Photo Collage

The Humanities Truck took part in the 2021 “Celebrate Petworth” neighborhood festival, an annual event organized by and for the residents of Petworth, celebrating the diversity, culture, and people of the neighborhood. 

The Truck, parked on the corner of 9th and Upshur St., created a live, community photo collage at the event by collecting, printing, and displaying photographs contributed by event visitors and residents of Petworth. With a theme of “Your Celebrations in Petworth,” photographs depicted street festivals, house parties, performances, family, and meaningful places in Petworth. The television displayed interviews with Petworth residents collected prior to the event, discussing their experiences and celebrations in the neighborhood. Additional oral history interviews, conducted at the event, asked festival-goers to reflect upon memorable celebrations in Petworth and how they may have changed over time. 

How The Exhibit Was Created:

“Your Celebrations in Petworth” utilized a multi-method approach to garner community participation.

Director Dan Kerr and Community Fellow Angie Whitehearst went into the community to seek out interviews and photos of celebrations throughout time in the neighborhood of Petworth. These photos and stories were displayed on the truck in groupings of three loose themes: celebrations in the streets, celebrations in the home, and celebrations in businesses. 

At Celebrate Petworth, the community was asked to contribute their own photos, either through text or scan, that were printed in live-time by graduate fellows.

Participants received their photos and were asked to place them on the truck collage, and write their own captions. 

The Exhibit:

Below you will find the exhibit: the first section includes the interviews and photos collected before the event. The second includes the community-sourced collage that was created in live-time at Celebrate Petworth 2021. 

Scroll over each picture to see a preview of its caption or click on the photo to see the caption in its entirety!

Before and After:

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