COVID-19: CCNV April 29th Update

The Humanities Truck works with diverse populations to collect, create, interpret, and curate stories that can return to the communities they originated from and circulate throughout the DMV. As we confront a global pandemic, we aim to record social responses to COVID-19 by asking how individuals and communities across the metropolitan region are responding to the crisis by building and sustaining community networks. This platform serves as a space to share, document, and reflect upon our stories.

In partnership with the Humanities Truck Project, Eric Sheptock will offer regular reports and reflections on the impact that Covid-19 is having on those experiencing homelessness in Washington, DC.

Someone near me tested positive for COVID-19. I’m being made to quarantine at a hotel til they figure out if I’ve got the bug. Feel free to call though. I’ll have plenty of time to talk. Bringing my laptop too.
Final message tonight. I’ll be picked up for quarantine tomorrow morning. (I’m free to spread the love tonight.) There is a 14-day mandatory quarantine. I’ll be posting insightful updates via video and FB between now and midnight wherein I point out some systemic failures (such as broke homeless people not being afforded masks). I’ll also post the video here. It’ll be like having an office for 2 weeks.
I was checked into the Hotel Arboretum on NY Ave and Bladensburg Rd around 2:15 PM. I’m getting different reports on how long I’ll be here. They vary from 3 to 14 days. It’ll most likely be 10 days. It’s been at least 4 days since I saw the person I know who tested positive; so, that’ll be subtracted from the 14 days. I’ll FB Live momentarily.
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